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About Piglatin

We’re a Food truck centered on an original all-pork street food menu serving the Colorado Springs area. Our flavors come from all corners of the world. Check out our menu and weekly special to see what we’re cookin!

Owned and operated by Andres and Patricia Velez

Andres was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. He served 6 years as an Army Cook and did 2 tours in Iraq. After completing his time in service, he attended and graduated Culinary school to pursue his dreams. His culinary influences are largely Latin American and International cuisine.

Patricia was born and raised in Colorado Springs. She enjoys cooking and baking and of course, dining out. Her parents Asian and Polynesian cultural backgrounds can be seen in various dishes prepared at Piglatin.




  • Corporate Events
  • Community Events
  • Private Parties
  • Small Caterings


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